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In a previous blog post – on VMware TAM Lab, I talked briefly about the role of a VMware Technical Account Manager (TAM).

As a Technical Account Manager (TAM), you will build and maintain relationship with VMware’s customers that have real passion for technology and the opportunities that it can bring to our life. At those customers,you will be a major focal point for everything that is related to VMware for different teams and levels from the most technical to the most senior executive. You will escort and guide them in their journey to be market leaders by using newest and most advanced technologies in information technologies.
You will also play a key part in representing your customers in VMware, sharing their experience and wishes with the account teams, support and product managers, and helpingto draw the shape of our products and contribute your point of view for our shared success.
Source: Job Description VMware TAM

A TAM colleague from the Netherlands, Alex Muetstege, explains in a blog post what a VMware TAM is.

You might also want to have a look at the Diary of a Technical Account Manager in which I had the pleasure of sharing my insights when I started at VMware in July 2019.

Being a VMware Customer Success Technical Account Manager (CS TAM) (this is the full naming for the role, as TAM services is now part of the Customer Experience and Success (CXS) organization, previously the TAMs were part of the Professional Services (PS) organization) myself for almost two years now, I can recommend to anyone who is working with VMware solutions to follow the VMware TAMs on social media, no matter if you are a TAM customer or not.

You can find the VMware TAMs accounts on

And if you are interested in joining VMware as a Technical Account Manager, you find all open TAM positions here: https://via.vmware.com/TAMs.


I am an entrepreneurial and innovative technical; presales; and customer success professional equipped with a Master’s in Business Administration. I am working as a Technical Account Manager at VMware Inc., Zweigniederlassung Deutschland. My early career with Novell involved a promotion to Presales Systems Engineer after having worked on a team of 4 anti-piracy, licensing and intellectual property specialists situated in legal.

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