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As I have recently installed the ESXi on Arm Fling, I noticed that the German keyboard layout is somewhat different to the US keyboard layout.

That each country has more or less a different keyboard layout is a known fact but if you do not use other layouts regularly, you can get a bit lost – just like me.

Because of this fact, I thought that a short blog post showing the German and the US keyboard layout might not only help me to find the keys I need, but others, too.

US keyboard

Source: Wikipedia

German keyboard

Source: Wikipedia

As I mentioned that each country has a different keyboard layout, I looked up the German speaking countries Austria and Switzerland, too. I learnt that Austria seems to use the German keyboard layout but there are multiple Swiss keyboard layouts – Swiss French, Swiss German, Swiss Italian.

Swiss French

Source: Keyboard Layout Info

Swiss German

Source: Keyboard Layout Info

Swiss Italian = Italian

Source: Keyboard Layout Info



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  1. Franchini Patrizia says:

    No, there are not 3 Swiss keyboards, there is one, with all the characters that we need if we have to write in the 3 different languages (as I do). We cannot change the keyboard or layout each time that we write a phrase, a name or a email in another national language! We have a unique keyboard (QUERTZ) then in the settings you decide if you want to use Swiss German or Swiss French. In other words you have mainly to choose if, without using the key shift, you want to have the German äö or ü or the French àè or è. You also published the image of an Italian keyboard (QUERTY) for Swiss Italian. That’s wrong. We use the same keyboard as Swiss Germans and Swiss Frenchs, choosing in the settings Swiss Italian, which actually is Swiss German. It contains the Italian letters that we need (ìù) and the German and French letters that we need. We learn to type with 10 fingers and without looking at the keyboard with this Swiss Keyboard+italian/swiss german layout so we cannot use an Italian keyboard, which is QUERTY and has the French and German letters concealed I don’t know where… With an Italian keyboard we would be forced to learn again how to type with the 10 fingers.

    1. Tina says:

      Thank you for your comment :-). I greatly appreciate the details.
      Interesting to know where I had a wrong assumption.

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