Keyboard Layouts

As I have recently installed the ESXi on Arm Fling, I noticed that the German keyboard layout is somewhat different to the US keyboard layout.

That each country has more or less a different keyboard layout is a known fact but if you do not use other layouts regularly, you can get a bit lost – just like me.

Because of this fact, I thought that a short blog post showing the German and the US keyboard layout might not only help me to find the keys I need, but others, too.

US keyboard

Source: Wikipedia

German keyboard

Source: Wikipedia

As I mentioned that each country has a different keyboard layout, I looked up the German speaking countries Austria and Switzerland, too. I learnt that Austria seems to use the German keyboard layout but there are multiple Swiss keyboard layouts – Swiss French, Swiss German, Swiss Italian.

Swiss French

Source: Keyboard Layout Info

Swiss German

Source: Keyboard Layout Info

Swiss Italian = Italian

Source: Keyboard Layout Info


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